Say Hello to the Future of Convenience Shopping

Our fully autonomous pod is designed to work with top frictionless checkout tech, utilizing recycled plastic structure, AI and robotic systems to offer in-store and drive-thru shopping experiences.

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Frictionless Shopping Experience, With no Lines.

  1. Unlock with your phone

Customer unlocks the Store with the Mobile Facial Recognition Features.

Picking up a few items at the store

2. Grab your desire items

Store systems add or delete items from user virtual basket.

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3. Go about your day.

Shopper walks out, and we do the rest.

About Us

EVO is a fully autonomous retail solution. Our pod offers self-service stores for 24/7 access to essential products and helps operators efficiently manage and expand across multiple locations.

Real-time inventory ´╗┐management and personalized customer experiences. No need for physical staff oversight, breaks, or downtime.


EVO is possible thanks to our Modular Human-less Shopping Structure that is Tailor-made to work with the top frictionless technologies in the market.

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Our Approach

Our pod serves as an ideal solution for A-size legacy convenience store owners looking for owner-friendly operations. Offering self-service stores with 24/7 access to essential products, efficient multi-location management, real-time inventory control and personalized customer experiences. Saying goodbye to staff oversight, breaks and downtime.

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With a clear vision and relentless dedication, EVO aims to transform the way people fulfill their daily needs, revolutionize the convenience retail experience and lead the transition towards autonomous and owner-friendly network.


Drop Zone

Our store has streamlined the process of delivering and receiving third-party aerial drone deliveries, effectively addressing the primary issues associated with this type of delivery method.



Our EVO pods are equipped with a patented revolutionary modular human-less structure that offers a host of advantages, including rapid deployment, cost efficiency, flexibility, customization and sustainability. This unique design enables us to build a dynamic and responsive C-Store network that can quickly adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the industry.



With Our Fully Automated Processes

Say goodbye to labor challenges and rising costs. Our fully automated processes provide consistent and efficient store operations, freeing up valuable time and resources. Plus, our users enjoy a seamless, 24/7 shopping experience.



Eliminating staffing, high real state cost, permits and construction.

Legacy C-Store = $700K - $1.5M



With only 750 (sq. ft.) foot print,

EVO pod offers both in-store and drive-thru shopping options, can be installed almost everywhere and be relocated if needed.


No Lines

We are redefining convenience shopping by prioritizing speed, convenience and a friction-less checkout experience. No screens, no lines, just grab and go!

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We have streamlined our purchasing process, making it both straightforward and owner-friendly.

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1. Order online

The Customer submit the order, providing a space with installation requirements.

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2. Delivery

Shipped directly to the customer site.

Use Cases

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3. installation

3-7 Days process.

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3. Relax

Sit back and relax while we handle the rest.

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Our customers are the heart of our business, we prioritize their needs, delivering seamless and enjoyable experiences.

EVO Values


Environmental responsibility is paramount, as we actively promote eco-friendly practices and materials to minimize our ecological impact.


We continuously explore and implement cutting-edge technology and creative solutions to redefine convenience retail.


From streamlined processes to frictionless checkouts, we optimize our operations to provide unparalleled convenience and

time-saving benefits.


Transparency and honesty underpin all our actions, as we uphold the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our operations.


We cultivate a collaborative environment that values diverse perspectives, empowering our team to drive positive change in the convenience retail industry.

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Alexander Frias

Co-Founder & CFO

Kiara Melo

Co-Founder & CDO

Hermes J. Ventura Founder & CEO

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